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Stump Removal

When It Comes To Stump Removal

We have a variety of stump grinders to match every job. Our smaller units can fit through a small backyard gate and are turf-friendly. Our large stump grinders make short work of large stumps. When having stumps removed there are things to consider.

All stumps require a locate it's the law!

Is the work area clear of objects such as patio furniture, debris, rocks etc...
It is better if the grass isn't overwatered the day of the service.

Clean Up:
When you have a stump ground out you end up with mulch, depending on the size and type of stump depends on how much mulch you will have. Smaller stumps don't produce much mulch to speak of but large stumps can produce a significant amount of mulch.

Grind stump, leave mulch, is the least expensive. This means you rake up excess mulch and dispose of it. Grind stump, remove excess stump mulch, this means we will leave the stump hole level with mulch and remove the excess mulch.

Rick's Tree & Stump Removal offers services for all situations you might find your trees in.  From pruning, tree removal, to fertilizing, we can accommodate all your tree care needs. We believe that just because a tree might look unhealthy, doesn't mean that it cannot be saved.  We strive to save as many of your trees as possible. As ISA certified arborists, we know what’s best for your trees. With our experienced service, your trees will be kept full of vigor and healthy for years to come. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

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